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Learning Calligraphy for Beginners – 5 Quick Tips

Posted by on Jan 28, 2016

Are you passionate about learning the art of writing? Well, we all know how to write, but calligraphy certainly is a different art altogether where you get to know more about how to write stylishly and how the arm movement should be while you’re writing. Learning calligraphy is a great experience in itself because there are many things that you need to know before you start calligraphy. Of course, the most important and foremost thing you should know it that you must have your basic supplies that can help you learn calligraphy the right way.

So, let’s get started with how to learn calligraphy the right way.

Keep the Pen Angle Unchanged

Regular writing is quite different from calligraphy writing and therefore there are certain things you need to do to ensure you’re on the right track. The most important of all is to keep your pen angle unchanged. Your pen nib must always point in the same direction and you must not turn your nib as you form curves and lines as you write. Holding the pen straight in the same direction provides regularity to the script and forms the foundation of your calligraphy training. Normally, your pen nib should point diagonally away from you to the left.

Leading the Nib

When you are starting to learn calligraphy you might end up leaning too much on the table and that incorrect posture might lead you to put more pressure on the nib. When you are learning calligraphy you need to have the right posture and lead the nib gently across the paper. It is recommended to use slight pressure on downstrokes, but try not to lean heavily on forearm or elbow. Pressing hard can damage the nib and it won’t work well. Pushing the nib forward can put some pressure and the nib will tear into the paper and ruin your learning experience.


Drawing Lines and Curves

If you are learning calligraphy you must make sure that your letters are perfect not just vertically, but horizontally and diagonally as well. For this you might need to draw lines so that you can write based on those lines initially.

Gothic Calligraphy

Go Patiently

When you are learning calligraphy you need to be patient and be sure before you move on the next level. There is no need to rush if you’re not comfortable with how to lead the nib and how to move your arm the right way. To begin you may want to just try the upstrokes and downstrokes and fill in some sheets before you get used to it. The movement of your hand should seep into your muscle memory and you must be able to do that effortlessly before you move on to writing words and sentences.

Smaller Words

If you’re good at writing letters in calligraphy you may want to move up the level and start writing small words. This will help you to understand how each alphabet connects with the other and combine into words. You may start with all two-letter and three-letter words like if, it, so, as, cat, bat, mat and so on. While you’re doing that make sure that you’re soft on upstrokes and apply bit pressure on downstrokes. You may also want to practice writing your name multiple times before you move on to bigger words that can be bit complicated.

modern calligraphy

Practice Daily

Calligraphy like any other art needs constant and daily practice and therefore you need to make sure that you practice it daily. You may want to dedicate few hours in a day for calligraphy so that you can learn more about your hand movements and how you must lead to the nib on the paper. This will help you to learn calligraphy in a short period of time and you may want to write more often. You may also want to work on letters and word spacing because that is equally important when you are perfecting the art of calligraphy.

To conclude, when you are learning calligraphy you need get the essential supplies and dedicate certain time to learning it. Focus on the letters before moving on to words and sentences and that way you can be on your way to learning calligraphy in a better and efficient way.

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Top 5 Punk Rock Bands in the 70s

Posted by on Jan 13, 2015

When it comes to music most people prefer listening to rock music, but towards the end of 60s era a new kind of rock music emerged that was called punk rock or just punk music that gradually moved from the United States to the United Kingdom and Australia. Over a period of time punk rock has evolved drastically and grown over the world. Today, you will find many punk rock bands that are popular like Green Day and The Offspring. The early punk rock music was rooted in garage rock and other types of music that was called as protopunk music and that has been the base for all the punk rock bands that evolved and grew in the 70s.  Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 punk rock bands in the 70s that managed to capture the minds and hearts of many music lovers.

Dead Kennedys

Dead Kennedys formed in 1978 in San Francisco, California and they managed to gain a large underground fanbase that allowed them to make a significant impact on the punk rock world and spread it to the United Kingdom as well. Although, they were punk rock based band they had some unique traces of music like spaghetti western and surf music and psychedelic rock. The original band lineup consisted of Jello Biafra on the vocals, East Bay Ray on the guitar, Klaus Flouride on bass and Ted on drums and percussion. The band was also popularly known as The Sharks, The Creamiscles, Pink Twinkies and The DKs.


Another punk rock band that created lot of sensation during the 70s is the Ramones that formed in the New York City neighborhood of Forest Hills in Queens in 1974. Ramones are among the forerunners and pioneers of the punk rock and therefore they are still quite popular. They received limited commercial success at that point of time, but they still managed to perform more than 2000 concerts for virtually 22 years. The band consisted of Joey Ramone as the lead singer, Johnny Ramone at the guitar, Dee Dee Ramone at the bass and Tommy Ramone at the drums. The band has managed to be among the all time great rock bands in the history.


Founded in 1977 in Lodi, New Jersey, Misfits managed to create their own impression in the 70s era of punk rock. The band was often considered as the torchbearer in the horror punk subgenre and blending punk rock. The music of the band would connect with horror movies, themes and imagery. The group usually had a fluctuating lineup with singer and songwriter Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry Only being the permanent members of the group. Misfits came up with some great music with albums like Walk Among Us that was considered to be the lead music for punk rock movement in the 70s and early 80s.

Sex Pistols

Taking inspiration from other punk rock bands in the United States, Sex Pistols emerged on the scene in London in 1975. They are still considered as the forefathers of punk rock movement in the United Kingdom and inspiring many punk rock and other musicians across the UK. The group consisted of lead singer Johnny Rotten, lead guitar player Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bass player Glen Matlock. The group replaced Matlock with Sid Vicious in 1977 and soon after that they came up with God Save the Queen that created lot of social issues and pandemonium.

Bad Religion

Formed in Los Angeles, California in 1979 Bad Religion was quite different from the other punk rock bands of their time. The band was the first to make extensive use of soaring three part vocal harmonies and they had lyrics that had lot of religious and political commentary and social responsibility. The band never really had a permanent lineup except the lead vocalist Greg Graffin. However, the band came up with sixteen studio albums, two live albums, three compilations and two DVDs. Surprisingly, they received commercial success only after 1994 with their eight studio album release Stranger Than Fiction. Bad Religion is among the most popular and one of the best selling punk rock acts of all time with a record of 5 million albums worldwide.

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